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Global Changemakers Awards

Honoring the Beacons of human & planetary stewardship

Global Changemaker Awards are the Oscars for those individuals who are the beacons of human and planetary stewardship. These individuals have demonstrated leadership, innovation, stewardship, and courage while contributing to a better world by making a positive impact in their chosen areas of work. This is not only necessary in our human and planetary evolution but also commendable and exemplary.

Simply put, the world is a better place because these Changemakers walked their chosen path to make a positive impact in the world.

Be it oceans preservation, molecular biology, anti-trafficing, or conscious governance, and several other areas, we recognize their contribution which have impacted our world positively so we can all get involved in any manner to preserve our planet responsibly.

The Global Changemakers magazine, features those individuals who have, through their selfless work, have positively impacted the humanity and our planet. The magazine not only features Changemakers from all over the world, but also intends to connect, engage, touch, move, inspire to take positive action to assist in our human and planetary evolution responsibly.

These Global Changemakers magazines will be in the hands of business leaders, chambers of commerce, government and private agencies, dignitaries, foundations, universities, eclectic networks in 150 countries plus around the world.

The carefully curated content offers the readers the very best and the most relevant articles of the highest quality edited by the Founder of the World Economic Summit himself and the Global Changemakers Awards team.

The nominations for the 2023 Changemaker Awards are now open.
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