Thank you Jerrin and Shiv Anand.
Appreciate your kind words as well as your enthusiasm to help.
Some one else reached out as well. Thank you for stepping up.

The current focus and efforts are as follows:

1. Proclamation from Bangalore / State / India in signing a charter to support Ukraine.
2. Collection of Food (Canned and that can last a minimum of 90 days)
3. Clothing (Keep in mind it is still snowing in that region – Winter clothing) Specially for Women and children
4. Mattresses & Linen (Sheets, towels, napkins, etc)
5. Shelter products
6. Emergency Kits
7. Power & Lighting Equipment (Generators Emergency & Regular lighting solutions, et al)
8. Kitchen equipment including stoves, dishes et al
9. Health & Hygiene products
10. Medicines
11. General equipment (Land leveling, tools, Portable showers, cleaning equipment, et al)

We are talking about 200,000 to 300,000 in each facility and numbers growing steadily every day