While we all aspire for we human beings to live in peace and harmony in coexistence,
we are witnessing yet another travesty on humanity and leaderships that thrive and fan conflicts and war, disregarding human dignity, nation’s sanctity and security while willingly writing off a nation’s people’s lives as collateral damage. All these for what ? Two cents of land ? Show of military supremacy ? Pushing the capitalistic greed that thrives on consumerism and cornering of global markets to offset their bankrupt treasuries and moralities ?

Makes us often ponder: are we truly the most intelligent and evolved specie on this planet ?

The recent war in Ukraine – the manifestation of one of such myriad irresponsible transgressions by supposedly mature world’s superpowers – holds the mirror to such atrocities in this day and era of collective consciousness. The very aspect of human intellect that is to guide us to responsible evolution has yet again has suffered a humiliating defeat by the buses that are being driven amok by the very superpowers who took a vow to end such atrocities at the end of the second world war in 1945.
Utter disregard to promises, callous and criminal indifference to the suffering and misery of people, women and children who have to flee the very land they were born in, the very land they grew up on, the very air they breathed every day with not a frown nor worry nor the knowledge of the looming disaster that were being fabricated for a decade and more in the distant horizon.

Do we have the right to rob the innocent children of their trust in their fellow human beings on the same planet as they grow up ? Aren’t they the true inheritors of this planet and we are merely borrowing from them while we destroy their very future in front of their own eyes ?

Is this acceptable ? Is this Right ? Is this who we are ?

What will do today to right these wrongs ?
What will do today to alleviate their pain and misery ?
What will do today to restore peace and safety ?
What will do today to restore faith in those young minds which are experiencing untold horrors ?
What will we do today to change our mindsets that we all share this planet which means that it is our responsibility – individually and collectively – to maintain peace and harmony on our planet ?
If someone suffers in our family in our homes isn’t it our responsibility to help them get better ? How different is the situation in Ukraine ?