Don’t we live in this home that we call Planet Earth together ?
Does it mean that we turn our eyes away in the hour of need of those who need our support and assistance
will we work together collaboratively and not worry about the manipulated stock markets and treasuries that print paper at will for which we all pay the price to make the lives of the few even better ?
will we work collaboratively to increase the value and quality of lives on this planet ?

What happens in one part of the planet has repercussions on every other place on the planet. The sooner we realize this and behave accordingly, the better we are off and we all thrive.

Let us all join hands to redress the wrong. Let us start by helping Ukraine in their time of need. Are we going to be monsters while we merely watch on the screens about their sufferings or do we have the grace, the courage, and kindness that we can find within ourselves to do the right thing ?

Support Ukraine.

Stand up for Peace

Stand up for Ukraine

Do the right thing.